Secure payment


ABank Transfer

Payment for product orders can be made through bank transfers to our bank accounts via ATM, SMS Banking, Internet Banking or cash deposits via teller to the following accounts:

  1. Transfer bank to account BCA Bank: No. 2371485505, holder: Vielga Wennida
  2. Transfer bank to account Mandiri Bank : No 1010005560576, holder: Vielga Wennida Bank Mandiri KCP Pondok Pinang Center
  3. Transfer bank to account BNI Bank : No 0240501897, holder: Vielga Wennida

B. Credit Card

We also accept credit card payments online. The credit card used must be a MasterCard / Visa / JCB credit card issued in Indonesia. Buyer data (name, address, telephone number, etc.) must be the same as credit card owner's data.

choose Midtrans Payment for those of you who own a card from a local bank (Indonesia) or PayPal for those of you who have a card from a foreign bank


Payment via PayPal is intended for you who own a credit card issued by a foreign bank (non-Indonesian) or for you who has a PayPal account. Paypal payments are only available for transactions using US Dollars (US $) or Singapore Dollars (S $) currency